We recognise the unique position we have in your child's life and education; playing together, sharing in their creativity and joining a world where anything is possible and magic happens on a daily basis.
To help your child reach their full potential we have introduced the Kindergarten, for children in their last year before they start formal schooling. Each child will have the opportunity to spend 3 hours a day (either 9am-12pm or 1-4pm) with Esther, our amazing and inspiring Early Years Professional in a smaller group organized to give your child the best possible foundation they need to thrive at school. The smaller class size will allow them to concentrate on focussed, self initiated tasks, problem solving and encourage them to succeed at their chosen individual challenges. Esther will support and play alongside them, scaffolding their learning and sharing in their achievements.

Make learning fun and exciting based 
on their interests and ideas

The children are encouraged to work collaboratively to solve problems, negotiate roles and learn from each other. We encourage the children to use their imaginations to make learning fun and exciting based on their interests and ideas. For example; a child came into nursery talking about pirates and within minutes he had spread his enthusiasm to a group of friends who eagerly sought out tyres, material and planks. Working together to carry larger items and designing a large pirate ship by sharing ideas. The adults worked alongside the children but it remained their activity 
and we joined in when invited to share in their achievements. We believe real learning takes place when young children are excited and the learning is first hand and interactive.
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Kindergarten class of 2014/15 show their ‘all about me books.’ So proud of their work, developing their sense of self and forming recognisable letters, words and sentences.

The children were very excited to be able to show them to their new teachers at big school.

Kindergarten Class

at Pumpkin Patch Brighton

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